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The Nordmann Fir is our most popular tree and has become the most popular tree in the UK over the last few years.


It has good needle retention qualities and ability to look good throughout the festive period. It has soft, deep green needles and a good triangular shape. It tends to be more open and less dense than the Norway spruce.


It is the most expensive of our trees due to its slow growth and trimming work needed to maintain a good shape throughout its growing period.


If watered and looked after properly the Nordmann Fir can look as good coming out of your home as it did going in.

Nordmann Fir
Nordmann Fir leaves


The Norway spruce is what most people remember from their childhood and is the traditional British Christmas tree.


It has a triangular shape, small dark green needles and a distinctive 'pine' fragrance. It has a very dense bushy shape. It is relatively quick growing compared to other species and is easier to shape and trim over its growth period which is shown in the price difference.


The Norway Spruce is perfect for outside and will not need too much attention. Inside is a different matter it needs to be watered and kept away from direct heat to last the festive period.

Norway spruce
Norway spruce leaves


A close cousin of the Norway Spruce this is one of the most attractive Christmas Trees we sell.


It has a good natural shape and a light green/ blue in colour, sometimes this can be bright blue. It has a very distinctive 'pine' fragrance.


The needles are sharp so care needs to be taken when handling it. It grows relatively quickly and is difficult to trim during its growth period so will be slightly more expensive than the Norway Spruce.


Like all trees it is best kept watered and has similar needle retention to the Norway Spruce. Take a look at our bulk deliveries.

Blue spruce leaves

Find out more about our Christmas Trees

At Woodcock farm we have sold Christmas Trees for over 25 years, from our family owned farm and farm shop in Rothley, Leicestershire. We have now built up a stock of over 4500 trees at our Woodcock farm plantation. The varieties we grow are the Nordmann Fir which is our most popular tree, the Norway Spruce the original British Christmas Tree and the Blue Spruce which is a fantastic vibrant blue/green colour.


You are able to either choose a tree from our plantation and we will cut it down for you (if you are lucky you may get a ride back to the shop in the trailer with your own tree) or choose a pre-cut tree from the 200 we cut and display in our yard close to the farm shop. These Trees are cut on a daily basis so there is no worry about freshness.


If you are feeling fit there is also the option of digging your own tree, but most trees being used just for the festive period survive better if they are cut and watered. Each tree will then be wrapped (dependant on size) so there will be no trouble getting it into your car. We recommend to all our customers that if the tree is going inside, that it should be watered to keep it in the best shape over the festive period. We sell Cinco watering stands which are some of the best watering stands available.


We also sell pot grown trees for those customers who wish to plant out, holly, mistletoe and festive wreaths. All our trees are competitively priced in our local area. Contact us today to find out more.